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  • We have re-vamped this once tedious process with our users in mind. Our new endorsement process is streamlined to maximize efficiency and eliminate unnecessary steps.
  • Our newly designed website offers more functionality, in a one-stop-shop ‘Policy Summary’ screen. Agents will experience less system issues, and be able to service policies in less time…guaranteed!



  • Agents are now able to renew a policy in three easy steps from the Policy Summary. A policy can be retrieved for renewal by searching from the agent dashboard, or selecting the policy number link in the Pending Renewals Dashboard Report.
  • The new layout condenses all processes that may be necessary to service a policy, allowing you to handle renewals, endorsements, and payments concurrently. Furthermore, you can look forward to upcoming features such as credit card payments and electronic signature options. We are committed to continue offering improvements that will bode well for increased business!


Accepting Payments

  • Agents are now able to post payments from a customer’s checking or savings account online, as well as set up an account for recurring EFT.
  • Our newly designed payment process allows agents to select a payment amount, submit account details and enroll an account for recurring payments, in a single screen!
  • Coming soon: Credit/Debit Card payments will be accepted online!