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Prevent Fraud


How to Help Us Prevent Insurance Fraud

At Responsive we are dedicated to aggressively fighting Insurance Fraud. We have a team of very experienced investigators who have worked in law enforcement and at fighting insurance fraud for many decades. Stamping out fraud will help keep your insurance rates lower.

More information on how you can help:

Be observant at the accident scene for any unusual activity including injury severity that is excessive for the impact, possible signs that the accident was intentionally caused, evidence of prior injures or vehicle damage to the other vehicles and people involved in the accident and knowledge about accident handling procedures that greatly exceeds an average level.

  • Keep a disposable camera in your glove box. Photograph all damage to all vehicles.
  • Ask for positive identification of the other drivers, passengers and witnesses and document all names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Report to us any attempts by an attorney, body shop or tow truck operator to refer you to a particular doctor or clinic, as these are decisions that should be made at a medical level, by medically trained professionals.
  • Report to us any offer made by a clinic, Dr., attorney or other interested party to bill your insurance policy for medical services not actually incurred by you.
  • If medical treatment is necessary for an injury, examine the bill for treatment each time you visit a Dr. or a clinic and make sure you were not billed for any services in excess of those you received.

Our Commitment to Leadership in Fraud Prevention

On a daily basis Claims are reviewed individually and randomly for insurance fraud red flags. Through cooperation with law enforcement and the Florida Department of Insurance, we investigate and refer all suspected cases of insurance fraud to the appropriate law enforcement agency in compliance with our statutory responsibilities.