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Repair Process

Repair Process
If you need to speak with a Claims Representative please call us at 866-300-0080

What You Can Expect in the repair process

A Responsive Claims Adjuster will contact you the same day you report your claim and will guide you through the claims adjustment process. We will discuss your coverage and deductibles with you and will handle your claim from start to conclusion.

  • If you have applicable vehicle coverage (collision and/or comprehensive) we will inspect your vehicle and write an estimate of repairs for you.
  • If you are partially or fully at fault for the accident we will inspect the other vehicles involved in the accident and write an estimate of repair on them as well.
  • We will identify any possible claims that may be made against you and work with the claimants directly to resolve these claims.
  • If you have applicable vehicle coverage we will monitor your vehicle repair and will work with your lien holder to get the repair approved and the repair payments endorsed.
  • In the event of a total loss to a covered auto or to any vehicle to which you are legally liable, we will determine the value of that vehicle and will provide a geographically significant market analysis of value, along with several possibilities for replacement vehicles.

We will handle your claim quickly and efficiently.