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Policy Selection


  • Choose a Policy From A Good Company. Sometimes the best policy for you will not have the lowest premium price. This is because some low-priced policies will have hidden fees or poor service later on – when you need them. Choose a policy from a company that offers the best service at a competitive price.
  • Pick a Payment Plan that Works for You. Select a policy that gives you a variety of ways to pay, including one that will currently work for you. Typical options include
    1. Paying your agent directly, who will accept funds on behalf of the insurance company.
    2. Paying by check or certified funds directly to the insurance company.
    3. Setting up a recurring payment via EFT (electronic funds transfer) from your bank account.
  • Make sure your car insurance policy accurately reflects you. Keeping your car insurance company updated about your car and your driving record is important. You may be eligible for a rate reduction based upon a few factors. Ask your agent for more information.