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We’ve Made Upgrades to Our Agents’ Only Website – Learn More

You Gave Us Feedback On Our System.  We Listened.

And now you’ll start seeing fruits of our labor.

Starting April 7, and continuing over the next 6 months, we’re going to release upgrades to our system.  While we expect that you’ll be relieved to see the changes, and maybe even a bit impressed, we still want you to keep giving us feedback.  We won’t be satisfied until you are.

We’re going to release these upgrades the smart way.

We know that making system improvements requires learning and adapting.  We plan to minimize any difficulty of this transition process in a few ways:  

    • First, you can expect to see the upgrades released in batches or “waves” in order to limit the potential for system errors or disruption.  This approach will also allow users time to familiarize themselves.
    • Secondly, during each of these smaller launches, users will always be able to use the current system.  We will continue to maintain this system throughout the process.
    • And lastly, we will dedicate a special customer service telephone line for addressing any system-related questions and challenges. This will be accessible by selecting a top level option in our phone menu.  Please keep in mind that our goal is to make our systems so simple, easy and fast, that we won’t receive any calls on this line.

Speaking of simple, easy and fast… here’s a sneak peak at the upgrades to our system:

The first wave of upgrades will address existing Policy Services

  • Accepting Payments

    • Agents are now able to post payments from a customer’s checking or savings account online, as well as set up an account for AutoPay.
    • Our newly designed payment process allows agents to select a payment amount, submit account details and enroll an account for recurring payments, all from a single screen!
    • Coming soon: Credit/Debit Card payments will be accepted online!
  • Endorsements

    • We have re-vamped this once tedious process with our users in mind. Our new endorsement process is streamlined to maximize efficiency and eliminate unnecessary steps.
    • Our newly designed website offers more functionality, in a one-stop-shop ‘Policy Summary’ screen. Agents will experience less system issues, and be able to service policies in less time…guaranteed!
  • Renewals

    • Agents are now able to renew a policy in three easy steps from the Policy Summary. A policy can be retrieved for renewal by searching from the agent dashboard, or selecting the policy number link in the Pending Renewals Dashboard Report.
    • The new layout condenses all processes that may be necessary to service a policy, allowing you to handle renewals, endorsements, and payments concurrently. Furthermore, you can look forward to upcoming features such as credit card payments and electronic signature options. We are committed to continue offering improvements that will bode well for increased business!

Again, this wave of upgrades will launch on April 7, 2015.

Subsequent waves will address:

    • e-signatures – will be secure and easy for all documents, for both agents and insureds
    • Policy Issuance process (Point of Sale or “POS”) – will be streamlined and more intuitive
    • Credit/Debit Cards processing – Agents will be able to take and process these payments
    • MVR Reports – this capability will be integrated with our POS system for easy ordering
    • Insureds’ Portal – policy holders will have direct access to policy information and a payment application

Still want to learn more?  Click HERE to watch our video tutorials on upcoming upgrades.

Lastly, if you have any immediate questions or comments, we invite you to call us.  We encourage you to share your ideas on how we can provide an outstanding experience for our customers.

Thank you,

John Machul