Changing Payment Methods During a Policy Term

August 10, 2018: Customers deserve convenient, responsive service from their insurance carrier. Responsive Auto strives to provide that, now including offering our customers and agents the ability to change a customer’s method of payment during the policy term directly from our system. Now, when a customer wants to switch from one electronic payment method to another, the agent can make that change directly in our system. In addition, a customer can initiate that change through our convenient customer service center.

“Convenience matters. It especially matters to non-standard auto agents and customers who too often do not receive the respect and service they deserve. We’re changing that today by allowing agents to change the method of payment for a customer during the policy term. It’s a simple change – but one more way Responsive is becoming easier to work with each day.”

Providing easy ways for a customer to change their method of payment…it is one more way we are…Responsive.

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