Our Company

We think auto insurance should be easy

Our mission is to make the auto insurance experience simple and straightforward, so busy people can save time and avoid hassles.

In 2007, The Responsive Auto Insurance Company was founded with a goal of raising the bar for customer service in our industry. Our leadership chose a strategy of hiring great people and giving them the freedom to make smart decisions. Today, we are a growing company of people who are committed to achieving our mission with integrity, humility and common sense.


How do we work together?

We share the following Values:

  • Adaptable.  As the industry evolves, we embrace change instead of simply coping with it. We are courageous in trying new approaches and technologies. We collect and use data to learn lessons from both our successes and our mistakes.
  • Collaborative.  We meet our personal responsibilities and humbly serve on behalf of the team. We embrace training and learning from one another. We give and take suggestions respectfully and transparently.
  • Engaged. We are naturally curious and motivated to serve our customers, claimants and business partners. We recognize that good ideas are commonplace; putting ideas into action provides value to our customers.
  • Data-Driven. We collect, analyze and decide based on facts, not anecdotes. This ensures that we can protect our capital and stakeholders, while boldly seizing on market opportunities.