The Repair Process

The best claim experiences happen when we work together

We have the expertise to guide you through your vehicle repair process and make your role as easy as possible. While every claim is unique, we work to make sure that your claim is handled quickly, fairly, and conveniently.

Quick summary of the process:
+ Your Adjuster will contact you to gather details, review your policy coverages, and determine your benefits.

  • Your Adjuster will review your initial claim report with you and may ask you for more details about what happened.
  • If you are a Responsive customer, your Adjuster will also be able to answer questions about deductibles, vehicle damage claims.

+ Your Adjuster will help you arrange a damage appraisal.

  • We will work with you to select one of these three options:

+ Option 1: You can take photographs of the damage and submit them remotely.

  • This method is recommended when your vehicle is drivable and the damages are relatively minor.
  • Your Adjuster will explain how to upload photos of your damaged vehicle.
  • We will quickly arrange a damage appraisal and provide you with an Estimate.

+ Option 2: You can have a damage appraisal performed at one of our Preferred Shops.

  • Find a Preferred Shop that is convenient for you and schedule a damage appraisal appointment.
  • If your vehicle is not drivable, a Preferred Shop can make arrangements to bring your vehicle to the shop.

+ Option 3: You can have one of our appraisers conduct the damage assessment.

  • This method is recommended when your vehicle is not drivable and has severe damage.
  • The Damage Appraiser will meet you at a location that is appropriate for safely inspecting the vehicle (your home, office, etc.)

+ Select a repair shop and schedule your vehicle repair service.

  • Consider which repair shop will have the best timing for you.
  • Consider how you will transport your damaged vehicle to the repair shop, if necessary.

+ Decide if you need to arrange a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.

  • If you do require a rental car, your Adjuster can help make arrangements.

+ Expect updates or reach out to your Adjuster with any questions.

  • We will periodically check the status of the repair and address any further issues.
  • Contact your Adjuster with any additional questions.