Re-Quoting Assistance for Agencies

  Today Responsive Auto announced a new quoting tool that should reduce the time agents spend requoting policies. This new tool comes at a critical time for agents as 2020 has brought unprecedented volumes due to upheaval in the market. “Agents have thousands of customers facing the forced cancelation of their policies in early February,” said John Machul, Responsive Auto’s Chief Executive Officer. “Responsive has designed a tool that can help agents to requote a group of policies all at once, an especially time-saving solution in light of the Windhaven Insurance Company liquidation. The tool is available now, and it will be available for future use as well.” He explained that an agent who provides Responsive Auto a set of policy information can expect to receive a quote number and price within a few days for every eligible customer whose information is submitted. This new tool should provide agents more time to explain a customer’s new policy information while saving agents time usually spent manually requoting each existing policy. Faster, time-saving quoting methods are yet another way that we are… Responsive. Agents seeking more information should contact Responsive Auto via email at