Reinstatements Now Available for Most Policies

  January 1, 2020: Responsive Auto has taken a critical step towards helping customers maintain their insurance coverage.  The company now offers agents the option to reinstate a policy with a simple, easy-to-follow process directly in our system. “Customers miss payments from time-to-time, so we have created an easy method for agents to help customers keep their policy in effect,” said John Machul, Responsive Auto’s Chief Executive Officer. He explained that through the quick, convenient use of a reinstatement, the customer’s agent can put a policy back in force after a missed payment without the need for agents to re-write the policy. With agents busier than ever, this innovation will help save agents time and help save customers yet another hassle. When a customer is eligible for a reinstatement, a button will appear on the policy page in our system. The customer will have to pay a reinstatement fee ($15) as well as the missed payment. Reinstatements are not available in all situations, so in rare circumstances, the button may not appear. An agent need only click on the button, make the payment, and the customer is ready to get back on the road!  It’s simple and convenient for both the agent and the customer. Quick and easy reinstatements are just another way that we are… Responsive.