Responsive Upgrades the Quoting Process for New Vehicles

Responsive Auto announced today a series of system enhancements that will help agents quote and bind more new business policies.

“For years, Responsive Auto has emphasized to agents the importance of rating a specific risk – drivers, vehicles, and family members,” said Tim Nee, Responsive Auto’s Chief Operating Officer. “Agents had some frustrations when there was incomplete information on an application, frequently due to the lack of a VIN. With today’s changes, we have started to fix that. In the first few days, it is clear agents love the new tools.”

Responsive Auto explained that each vehicle is registered with the state, and Responsive wants to ensure that those insuring a vehicle have an “insurable interest” before receiving a policy. Nee explained,” Too many carriers bamboozle their customers. Responsive is different – we want to take steps to verify the vehicle ownership and registration when we can. That helps both customers and the company in the event there is a claim. It has the added benefit that agents love being able to complete more quotes with us.”

Making the quoting and sales process easier for agents is another way that we are…Responsive.

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